The mosque library, conveniently located on the first floor near the Men's Wudu area, offers a diverse collection of Arabic, English, and Urdu books, along with magazines, tapes, and CDs. Particularly noteworthy are the recordings of talks and lectures conducted within the mosque premises, providing valuable resources for spiritual enrichment. Visitors can access the library by obtaining the key from the mosque office and utilize the provided CD/tape player with headphones for audio materials. However, it's essential to remember that all items in the library are for reference purposes only and cannot be borrowed or taken out of the library at any time.

The mosque's library is a treasure trove of literary and audio resources. Offering a range of Arabic, English, and Urdu books, as well as magazines, tapes, and CDs, it caters to diverse interests and language preferences. Notably, the collection includes recordings of enlightening talks and lectures conducted within the mosque premises. To access these invaluable resources, individuals can request the library key from the mosque office. It's important to observe that while the library facilities are available for use, all materials must remain within the library premises for reference purposes exclusively, as borrowing or removal of items is strictly prohibited.